Aurisis Research LLC was founded in 1996 by Matthias Grob, Kim Flint and Eric Obermühlner to develop exciting new musical instrument technologies. We license these technologies to major manufacturers in the industry.

Our primary goal was Live Looping tools. We are highly regarded by musicians all over the world as the pioneers and leaders in this exciting new category.

Aurisis is able to provide a level of engineering skill and creative talent that is frequently unattainable or unaffordable in the musical instrument industry.

We have many exciting projects in development, and can readily target our technologies to new products. Contact us for more info!

Aurisis was registered in California but Kim Flint died in 2010 and Matthias and Eric live in Switzerland so the company was shut down. But the knowledge still exists and can be passed on to any maker of liveloopibg tools. We communicate fluently in English, Portuguese, German, and French.

Matthias Grob - Aurisis Research