December, 2016:
the universal small successor of the Polysubbass comes to life. is created. its possible that this product will support Matthias and free up time to dedicate to the evoloop again. but he needs a partner for the software.

July, 2016:
Matthias likes working with the guitars. all parts that Rolf left are used to create new guitars and the wish comes to create a new version of Avalon with the Polybass board inside.

March, 2015:
Gary Hall gives the idea to go to Frankfurt fair and se what happens. Matthias meets the Modular Synth scene and realizes that it would be simpler to modify such a module than creating a whole new HW. Dan Green of 4MS likes the idea.

April, 2014:
Rolf Spuler, creator of the Paradis Avalon guitar dies and Matthias Grob decides to care for the left instruments, delivery of replacement parts and follow up version of the Polysubbas. is created

November, 2013:
Matthias decides to restart the development with a SAMA5 processor using the BareMetal method instead of Linux.

July, 2012:
Bob Amstad does not have enough time due to family duties. without him we have infinite trouble with the Linux drivers.

October, 2010:
a new site is created for the new looper:
visits in California make it pretty concrete.

July, 2010:
a plan is established to build a looper together with Looperlative creator Bob Amstad.

October, 2009:
Aurisis is not an LLC any more. Its too complicated to direct a US company from Brasil. But the work goes on, a new partner is found and there is a good chance that an EDP 2 will be available in 2010 !

July, 2009:
Andy Ewen installed a new burner and can deliver the upgrade EPROMs again!

May, 2009:
The Straight Edge factory burns down completely. All EDP parts and tools are lost. Andy Ewen needs to install a new burner to at least be able to deliver the upgrade EPROMs again.

February, 2008:
Several doors opened at NAMM and we are in negotiation with a mid size highly respected studio equipment company. Andy Ewen started to send out LOOP IV upgrades again.

January, 2008:
We are at NAMM, looking for a new partnership to continue innovating the growing market for looping. You can find Matthias at Hall E 1065 or 510 325 5944.

November, 2007:
Kim Flint has left the company to concentrate only on Loopers-Delight. Gibson has stopped manufacturing the Echoplex DP. Yet there are a lot of functions that only our LOOP software can do, because of its tape loop like memory structure. In the next months, we want to update this software for modern hardware, including standard laptops. Keep connected!