“Of the devices truly designed for looping, the rackmountable Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro is undeniably the deepest. Aurisis Research seems committed to establishing looping as an instrument in its own right, and their attitude shows in the Echoplex DP’s features.

"For those of you who take your live-looping (and the - editing - thereof - on - the - fly) seriously, the release of AurisisResearch's LoopIV-upgrade for the EDP is a momentous occasion: truth. Consider yourself to be some lucky l'il loopy ducks to have LoopIV's personalisable & hyper-malleable, fuck-with-it depth available to ya. There are features in this new vision of a looping-instrument that will allow you to further your EDP techniques well into what promises to be a very intriguing sonic future, indeed. Thankee too much, Aurisis: dude! dude."

David Torn (aka Splattercell)
Looping guitarist and composer extrordinaire, voted Best Experimental Player by readers of Guitar Player for 1995 and 1996. Guitarist on David Bowie's album, "Heathen"

"The LoopIV software upgrade takes the already deep architecture of the Echoplex Digital Pro and expands it to a mind-boggling degree. Dramatically powerful MIDI performance control, innovative new options for quantization and timing, and utterly unique user interface modes are just some of the breakthroughs in the new OS. There are many excellent and worthy audio loopers available, but LoopIV reinvigorates the EDP's status as a singularly deep, seamless and performance-oriented musical instrument. For practitioners of hip-hop, electronica, IDM, glitch-core, ambient, or most any other musical style that favors the loop, this is a real-time tool with a depth and flexibility that has yet to be surpassed."

Andre LaFosse
Modern guitarist and looping master. Check out Andre's latest EDP infused masterpieces at www.altruistmusic.com

"The EDP software has depth and breadth of Dirk Digglerian proportions, indeed."

Tom Spaulding
Former Oberheim Product Manager

“...An incredible practice tool, a great compositional aid, an instant, stress-free mirror for your imagination, and a potentially limitless source of fun....”

James Rotondi
Guitar Player editor / Guitar Player, Sept 1995

“With the longest loops in the biz, this box is a live composition dynamo. Plus, it’s a gas to use.”

Ernie Rideout
Keyboard, July 1995

“Overall, this is a powerful, inherently musical device, the best of its kind at the moment. It’s a must-have if you like working with loops.”

Electronic Musician
August 1995