Aurisis develops exciting new technologies and products for the musical instrument industry. We license these technologies to major manufacturers in the industry who use them in their own products. We sell major product upgrades direct.

Advanced Looping and Real-Time Sampling Technology

Loop, from Aurisis Research, is a real-time sampling and looping musical instrument. It encompasses an efficient and intuitive user interface allowing musicians to create, perform, and manipulate live loops in ways that have never been possible before. The revolutionary sampling functionality of Loop has redefined the art and technique of looping. Loop has been in development for over eleven years, and can be found in the Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro and the Paradis LoopDelay. LoopIV is the fourth generation of the technology, LoopIV Version 1.1 is the latest release. We continue to enhance and develop Loop, with new versions and new product variations on the way!