Aurisis develops exciting new technologies and products for the musical instrument industry. We license these technologies to major manufacturers in the industry who use them in their own products.

Aurisis Research believes that the time for Looping has come, and our Loop technology is perfectly positioned to dominate this market. The current product can easily be applied to mid-range rack units, inexpensive floor units, or table-top products for DJs and studios.

The latest version is a VST plugin. It is important to offer the same functions for stage and for recording. So far looping was mainly used for training and live playing. To make it spread more, it needs to invade the studios as well. It can improve the recording situation by digging into the magic and recording the original inspirations!

Aurisis is able to provide a level of engineering skill and creative talent that is frequently unattainable or unaffordable in the musical instrument industry. Through our licensing approach, our industry partners are able to bring new high-technology products to market quickly, without incurring the exorbitant costs of electronics development, without having to compete with other industries for hiring and retaining engineers, and without incurring the huge market risks of new product development. With Aurisis, we incur those costs and risks and you know what you're getting up front! And if it doesn't sell, you don't pay.

We have many exciting projects in development, and can readily target our technologies to new products. We can't discuss those developments here, for competitive reasons. Please contact us directly for more information.