Aurisis Research Announces LoopIV for the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro

OAKLAND, CA, June 10, 2002, - Aurisis Research today announced the release of LoopIV for the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. LoopIV, the fourth generation of Aurisis Research's revolutionary Loop(tm) software for Looping and Real-Time Sampling, can be installed in any Gibson or Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro as an upgrade. With LoopIV, the legendary Echoplex Digital Pro becomes even more of a looping powerhouse, bursting with new Looping and Real-Time Sampling features never before experienced in any product, anywhere. LoopIV is available for purchase directly from Aurisis Research's web site.

According to innovative composer and guitarist David Torn (aka Splattercell), "For those of you who take your live-looping (and the-editing-thereof-on-the-fly) seriously, the release of Aurisis Research's LoopIV upgrade for the EDP is a momentous occasion: truth. Consider yourself to be some lucky l'il loopy ducks to have LoopIV's personalisable & hyper-malleable, fuck-with-it depth available to ya. There are features in this new vision of a looping-instrument that will allow you to further your EDP techniques well into what promises to be a very intriguing sonic future, indeed. Thankee too much, Aurisis: dude! dude."

In addition to all the functionality of previous versions of Loop available in the Echoplex, A few of the new LoopIV features are:

A complete feature list, downloadable manual, LOOPIV upgrade manual, and audio examples can be found at Aurisis Research's web site.

LoopIV brings sophisticated looping features to the performing musician, wrapped in an easy to use, performance oriented interface. Designed from the ground up for real-time use, LoopIV allows musicians to easily accomplish sophisticated looping techniques while otherwise engaged in playing their instrument. No other looping product makes real-time looping as seamless and fluid as LoopIV.

"The LoopIV software upgrade takes the already deep architecture of the Echoplex Digital Pro and expands it to a mind-boggling degree," says modern guitarist and looping master Andre LaFosse ( "Dramatically powerful MIDI performance control, innovative new options for quantization and timing, and utterly unique user interface modes are just some of the breakthroughs in the new OS. LoopIV reinvigorates the EDP's status as a singularly deep, seamless and performance-oriented musical instrument. For practitioners of hip-hop, electronica, IDM, glitch-core, ambient, or most any other musical style that favors the loop, this is a real-time tool with a depth and flexibility that has yet to be surpassed."

Aurisis Research began developing Loop over eleven years ago, creating an innovative new looping product years ahead of it's time. The Gibson Guitar Corporation recognized the potential of Loop and licensed it to become the Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro in 1994. (Later changing the name to Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro.) The new LoopIV generation of Loop has been in development for five years, building on a decade of customer feedback and interaction with some of the most innovative musicians in the world.

"We observed that users develop very different styles and applications with Loop," explains Matthias Grob, original inventor of Loop and Co-Founder of Aurisis Research. "So we pushed the instant user interface to the limits. At any moment any button can do something useful and intuitive. If that is not enough for you, there are new InterfaceModes and MIDI commands to extend the interface. You can study them or not, take it easy or go deep, use one part or another, the machine leaves it open."

"LoopIV represents the cutting edge of looping technology, and has taken an extraordinary amount of creative energy and engineering skill to produce," says Kim Flint, Co-Founder of Aurisis Research. "Our beta testers have been making some amazing music with LoopIV so far, and we are thrilled to finally bring this technology to the rest of the music world."

LoopIV is available only as an upgrade for existing Gibson or Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro hardware. It can be purchased direct from Aurisis Research and is easily installable by end users. This release is being done in agreement with Gibson Guitar. LoopIV upgrades are priced at $99.95. Purchases can be made online from the Aurisis Research web site at

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Founded in 1997 by Matthias Grob, Kim Flint, and Eric Obermuhlner, Aurisis Research has continued the work on Looping technology begun by Matthias Grob in the early 1990's. Aurisis Research develops electronic musical instrument technologies for license to major Musical Instrument manufacturers, such as the Echoplex Digital Pro created for the Gibson Guitar Corporation. Aurisis is widely recognized for their innovative and pioneering looping products. Aurisis Research is based in Oakland, CA, with offices in Brazil and Switzerland.

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